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About Obsidian About Obsidian

Refined by Passion: Obsidian Control Systems combines over 25 years of experience developing professional entertainment lighting control solutions for automated and theatrical lighting fixtures.

Our Pillars are:

  • Made by Professionals - Lighting control software and hardware designed for professionals to excel at the highest level
  • High Value - Leading technology and design made accessible by providing affordable solutions
  • Intuitive - Our products are easy to use - Whether you’re an experienced director at the highest level, or a programmer still honing your craft, Obsidian creates products with you in mind.

The legacy of the core development team goes all the way back to 1992 with the award winning CASE control console series, the MAXXYZ control console, M-Series / M-PC platform to now the dawn of a new evolution of lighting control systems. Our products are designed and maintained by lighting professionals offering a wide range of lighting controllers, including excellent entry level options. Users can speak directly to our innovative team with feedback and concerns because we make our products with the user in mind.

Easy to learn

Simple command structure

Touch friendly modern UI

Integrated help



Control up to 128 Universes of DMX, Art-Net or sACN from a single system

You are in control

With over 12,000 fixture types and fast turnaround times on new requests, ONYX has you covered.

Amazing Support

The show must go on and we are here to help 24/7/365.

Reach out to us or engage with our user community.


ONYX is envisioned for creative professionals and new beginners alike. It scales from the smallest shows to the largest touring productions with easy-to-use tools and optimized graphical work environments that can adapt to any task and complexity.

Console systems are available in various sizes to accommodate scale and budget. At any point the full system can be run on PC systems with USB connected control surfaces or simply by intuitive touch screen operation.

ONYX is an easy-to-learn and fun-to-use powerful lighting control platform designed for industrial hardware consoles and PC systems.

Internally, the consoles work in combination with a carefully customized Operating System. When installed on PC systems it offers the full power of the platform with no feature restrictions. ONYX calculates all processing internally and does not require the use of costly external processing nodes. All hardware is enabled to its full potential, while the PC system key provides access to 128 Universes depending on PC specifications.

Expand on the Go Expand on the Go

The ONYX platform scales from simple setup to complex touring shows with ease. Multiple hardware choices from USB wings to powerful consoles allow users to select the best surface for the budget and application. One single platform, no simplistic feature-limited editions. ONYX is designed to grow with the user and shows, offering smart options and affordable solutions along the way.

Powerful Processing Powerful Processing

ONYX supports up to 128 Universes of DMX calculations straight from the internal processor. Access 255 Universe slots and assign your outputs right in the patch. No need for multiple expensive external nodes and complex networks that take days to configure. Simply use the plug and play Art-Net and sACN distribution that is easy to set up for anybody. ONYX provides automated network settings for EtherDMX and X-Net, getting you started on programming the show right away.

Instant Access Anytime Instant Access Anytime

ONYX provides incredibly detailed fixture libraries. Everything is mapped right at your fingertips with the expandable graphical parameter view. Using encoders, touch, mouse or keypad control the user has instant access to colors, gobos and every specific feature that fixture supports. With fast turnaround times on our library service and an internal library editor for last minute fixture additions, ONYX is always ready to take control.

2D Plan 2D Plan

Create visual workflows to build those complex effects and select fixture and groups using a virtual representation of the real-world layouts. The ONYX 2D view provides live feedback of intensity, color and position for immediate visual confirmation or to preprogram while on the go. Use fixtures and groups in combination with layers and pages to make extended fixture selections and build complex effects in a unique visible way.

Create unlimited screen views Create unlimited screen views

You are in control of what you see when you need it.
Create unlimited screen views to cover any situation where you want to see what’s most important at that time. From presets to playbacks to console information, ONYX has an innovative and unique workspace system that is optimized for the task at hand.

Tools Tools Tools Tools Tools Tools

ONYX offers easy-to-use Grouping Tools to slice and dice your fixture selection any which way. Combine and refine your fixtures no matter how complex and layered they are. Work in parts, blocks and divisions in combination with timings, fanning or effects. Utilize the Fan tool for visual alignment of fixtures along customizable path. Simply bend and twist it around to achieve intricate beam spreads to create those amazing mid-air focuses.

Play it back Play it back

ONYX is the perfect system for creative types. Access unlimited playbacks from the console hardware and the touch screens. Adapt to your show with the various cuelist styles to control all parameters with precise timings or immediately on the fly. Synchronize cues to timecode or run them manually following the music. Fade in, out or through cues using the unique Override feature with the powerful cue-blender option.

ONYX Manager ONYX Manager

The included manager plugin provides a calendar event system to schedule any task for shows, installs or complex architainment systems. Access console functions remotely using custom web pages, HTML commands or RS232, UDP or Telnet protocols. Automate your system and link the events to sunrise and sunset times. Schedule a special show for the holidays. Or even follow a GPS signal for an install on a cruise ship.

Stay connected Stay connected

X-Net is the custom protocol that keeps your systems connected. It synchronizes all patch, programming and playback for true tracking backup as well as for shared playback sessions. It's self-configuring and truly plug+play. With ONYX there is no need to be an IT expert, giving you more time to refine your show. Need remote access? With X-Net the full console surface is available on any Windows device. No compromises. For a simple focus and playback remote, ONYX also offers the iOS remote app. Whatever way you need to connect to the system, ONYX has you covered.

  • Unified platform for embedded consoles and PC systems
  • Multi-Touch optimized user interface
  • Full screen app experience on PC systems
  • Graphical fixture parameter visualization for instant access
  • Comprehensive fixture library with over 12.000 items
  • Integrated fixture library editor
  • Up to 128 Universes (65536 parameters) of internal DMX processing
  • Flexible DMX output via USB, Art-Net, sACN and integrated DMX ports
  • Real time parallel execution of cues and FX
  • Integrated 2D Visualizer and Plot View with live fixture feedback
  • Adjustable live timings and instant Cuelist / FX rate adjustments
  • Multiple Cuelist modes optimized for efficient show operation
  • Powerful workspace window and function key management
  • Unlimited screen views
  • Support for up to 8 displays
  • ONYX Manager plugin for calendar events, automation and customizable remote access
  • iOS remote application, Touch OSC support
  • Groups and Fixture Selection Panels
  • Custom color highlights of fixture types and group buttons
  • Intuitive Grouping Tools and Masking features
  • 2D Plot view with innovative real time beam feedback
  • Graphical and commandline based parameter fanning
  • Individual Fade and Delay Times
  • Simple patching through on screen wizard or direct commandline patching
  • Fixture Swap and Clone in patch
  • Unlimited presets across various parameter groups, custom color highlights
  • Customizable Highlight, Lowlight and Default presets
  • Auto-Update of values including source cue / track backwards
  • 500 Banks of 20 Playbacks
  • 500 Banks of 24 Submaster
  • 100 Pages of 100 Virtual Playbacks
  • No limit on running playbacks, no release required on back change
  • Tracking and Non-Tracking Mode per cuelist
  • Various cuelist types (Cuelist, Chase, Timecode, Override, Submaster, Inhibitive)
  • Cuelist Types color ID
  • Customizable button and fader assignments
  • 100 levels of cuelist priority
  • Cuelist Autostart and fader level at show boot
  • Art-Net and sACN support
  • ONYX compatible USB-DMX or direct DMX support on consoles
  • 255 patchable Universe slots
  • DMX IN support via 5pin XLR or Art-Net
  • Powerful DMX Input mapping to fixtures, playbacks and input capture
  • CITP Thumbnail exchange
  • RDM support via 5pin XLR or Art-Net
  • X-Net network protocol for console programming and playback synchronization
  • iOS Remote application
  • Touch OSC support
  • MIDI Notes, MIDI Timecode and MIDI Show Control (MSC) via universal MIDI devices or internal console ports
  • SMPTE timecode input via USB interface or console ports
  • ONYX Remote Plugin for custom interface, calendar events, HTML, RS232 and UDP control
  • Up to 128 Universes of DMX processing with ONYX USB license key
  • Console specific Universe limits depending on processing power
  • 255 accessible Universe slots
  • Universes 1-4 are unlocked via Art-Net and sACN without license key
  • Windows 10 recommended
  • Intel Core i3 processor 6th Generation+
  • 4 GB+ RAM
  • 2 GB available disk space (SSD recommended)
  • Widescreen monitor, minimum 1280 wide, 768 high (capacitive multi-touchscreen recommended)
  • USB 2.0 port for ONYX Key and optional USB to DMX devices
  • 10/100 Ethernet port for Art-Net DMX output
  • Gigabit port for X-Net, Remote operation and sACN
  • User account must be local administrator
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  • We like to use ONYX as its an easy platform that is cost effective. It has all the features we need to provide our clients an amazing show, but it allows us to work within tight budgets as we can bring more lighting fixtures to the event. ONYX is a reliable system that is fast to setup and program and we enjoy working with it.

    Tom Gorman, Legacy Production Group - Minneapolis
  • ONYX is so modular and flexible, while staying very affordable. Its my platform of choice at the hotel and all venues and installs I am designing.

    Mark Broedling, The Westgate Resort - Las Vegas
  • I love using this platform on all my TV and Movie Shoots. ONYX gives me reliable and flexible control anywhere on the set.

    Chris "Chalky" Chalk, Local 728 - Los Angeles
  • Onyx enables me to get my vision, no matter how complex, to the stage simply and efficiently.

    Kevin Friddell, Bright Star Productions-Houston
  • This platform has been controlling American Ninja Warrior from the beginning. It’s a flexible plug and play system that I can network over miles of fiber and remotely control from my Surface Tablets.

    Ed Motts – Lighting Director, American Ninja Warrior
  • The M6 is truly a state of the art console putting unlimited power at your finger tips. The M1 is just as powerful and yet so compact it can be checked as luggage!

    Alex Skowron, Lighting Designer, John Fogerty
  • I very like much the user interface. Has a pleasant design and easy to use. It's fun to program and operate. I have several memorable shows along with Onyx.

    Hátszegi Ákos, Lighting Programmer, Romania
  • Intuitive and versatile lighting control built for a wide user range, powerful pc software up to high-end lighting console, satisfied user for almost 15 years!

    Stephan Jansen, Ligthing Designer, The Netherlands
  • I love the way Onyx thinks. Logical, and practical. I’ve been using it for the last few years on the road with Kansas.

    Scott Pearson, Lighting Designer, USA
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